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The following message was received by the Abilene Football Chapter President, Darrin Cox .......

This is Coach Hanna from Greenwood. I would like to share something with you and the guy that was on my sideline from Friday's game.  My daughter Delaini (7th grade girl that wishes I would let her play Football and be the quarterback) is my ball girl and absolutely loves it! The guy from Friday made a huge impression on my daughter. She usually always enjoys the refs she works with. Only one has ever left her with a bad impression. Well the guy I had have her a pink bracelet and told her she did a great job and thanked her. The bracelet was pink and my daughter would never wear a single thing colored pink her whole life, but this bracelet, she hasn't taken it off! As a father I can't tell you enough how much that means to me! He did something so little but was SO big to her!! Thank you for that! What a great profession we are all in where we get a chance to mold kids with our words and actions! Thank you for taking time for my daughter!!!!!!!!!!

Special thanks to TASO member Ron Cooper from the Abilene Football Chapter for a simple act that made a big difference.  This is what we are all about!
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