Discounted 2017 CFO membership available to TASO members

College Football Officials (CFO) has again offered TASO members a discounted registration for the 2017 season. Discounted 80% from other members, TASO member will receive full access to this leading rules and training site featuring video reviews, quizzes, bulletin updates and a searchable rules book; everything an official needs to improve this great game of football we all love. Here\'s a quick overview of the features.


National training videos as well as CFO game reviews are available and updated throughout the season. There are currently over 130 videos available covering many different play types and situations, and all are viewable on Apple and Android devices for those that are on the move. Videos are also searchable and feature downloadable clips for offline viewing. During the season you\'ll see bi-weekly game reviews posted by the leading college coordinators throughout the country. A terrific visual learning tool.



The National Rules Test is currently available through July 7. The test is 100 questions which are grouped by play type. The testing interface is outstanding, showing questions that have been answered or viewed, and it can be taken in multiple sittings. There is even a downloadable pdf for those that prefer to study before or after the test. Members are allowed two opportunities to merit a passing grade, and beginning August 1 you can see your results along with book references to help understand the ruling. Rogers Redding has challenged members to score at least 90 while taking the test "closed-book." Are you up for the challenge?


During the season bi-weekly tests are available to help members stay honed and prepared. This is a great tool for crews and individuals alike and leads to great rules discussions with fellow officials.



This rules database includes case books with easy reference between the two. This incredible learning tool is the ultimate study guide for those that are serious about increasing their rules knowledge.


Throughout the year members have access to periodic bulletins highlighting changing interpretations and policies, all delivered by Rogers Redding and the leading college football experts from across the country.



Simply visit and click the registration tab in the ribbon across the top of the page. Once there, click the arrow next to "Texas High School Officials (TASO Members) and enter your information. The cost is only $30 for TASO members to receive full access to the site. And while you won\'t receive the rules, mechanics and replay books or the CFO shirt patches, you will receive access to a treasure chest of knowledge meant to make you the best official you can be.

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