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TASO Football Officials Selected for the UIL Championships

Congratulations to these TASO Football members selected to officiate in the UIL Eleven Man Football Championship games:


2A - I

Rob Jasper

Rodney Johnson

Jimmy Evans

Charles Saker

Mike Kamp

Kevin Yarbrough (Alternate)

2A - II

Brian Jones

Robert McClendon

Regan Foster

Rick Womble

Matt Martinez

Cody Terry (Alternate)



3A - I

Norman Richardson

Greg Richardson

Steve Prihoda

Keith Roy

Chris Bailey

Marc Ashley (Alternate)

3A - II

Kyle Rutherford

Daryl Starkes

Brad Frisby

Tracy Ainsworth

Odell Magee

Todd Thoene (Alternate)



4A - I

Bill Corcoran

Tim Murphy

Tibby Carroll

Tim Loesch

Todd Helmer

John Miller

Don Meyer

Ken McCants (Alternate)







ONARE' BROWN (Alternate)



5A - I

Rocky Marcenelle

Ben LaBlanc

James Perry

Reggie Panquerne

Frank Cox

Bobby Wright

James Burkhalter

Frank Carosella (Alternate)

5A - II

Grady Dale

John Dolman

Jared Goodall

Rickey Herron II

Brandon Spencer

Rich Lacsamana

Raymond Tate III

Larry Bassett (Alternate)



6A I

Wayne Elliott

Darren McDaniel

Brad Morrow

Nick Foreman

Chad McKenzie

Charles Colston

Jeff Hopf

Brian Burkhart (Alternate)

6A - II

Kyle Rutherford

Daryl Starkes

Brad Frisby

Tracy Ainsworth

Odell Magee

Jackie Culverhouse (Alternate)

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