Softball Shoe Device, Non-Glare Helmets, NOSCAE Seal

SOFTBALL SHOE DEVICE:  An inner sole shaped device that is attached to the front sole of a softball shoe to extend the toe of the shoe does not comply with the NFHS Softball Rules.  The device alters the manufacture's design of the shoe (1-8-5; 3-2-10) which is a required piece of equipment (3-2-11).  It is not a device that has been approved by the NFHS Softball Rules Committee (1-8-1).  If presented, this device should be ruled as illegal equipment and shall be removed before participation is allowed (3-6-1).

The use of such a device does not allow the pitcher to adequately meet the spirit of the pitching rule that governs the action of the pivot foot while pitching the ball (6-1-2c).  This device does not meet the spirit and intent of this rule.  Use the link below to see the non compliant device.


NON-GLARE HELMETS:  Rules 1-6-1 and 1-7-1 contain language that addresses the issue of helmets with a glare or mirror-like finish.  This rule address the issue of batting helmets and catcher's helmets with a finish that is chrome-like, reflective like a mirror and remind you of the silver and gold Christmas balls.  This rule is not intended to address the painted helmets with a glossy finish.  The glossy finish, on painted helmets in most cases, meets the intent of the NFHS softball rule.  There are very few of the batting helmets and catcher's helmets, with mirror-like surfaces on the market, because most manufacturers agreed to stop making them. 


NOSCAE SEAL:  Rules 1-6-1, 1-6-6, 1-7-1 address the issue of the NOCSAE seal being affixed to the helmet and the statement added for 2015 "at the time of manufacture.  If a helmet is reconditioned and painted the seal must continue to be a part of the helmet to be used at the high school level. 

NOTE: All players shall wear helmets that carry a warning label regarding a manufacturer's or re-conditioner's certification indicating satisfaction of NOCSAE test standards.  All such reconditioned helmets shall show recertification to indicate satisfaction with the NOCSAE test standard. The coach's pregame verification to the umpires that all players are properly equipped in compliance with the rules includes the exterior warning label.

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