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The new rules for 2018 include a couple of changes regarding the play clock.  These are changes to Rule 3-2-4-c-7 and -8.  After a touchdown is scored the 40-second play clock will be started before the try, just as on a normal play during the game.  Also, on a kickoff, including on a free kick after a safety, when the ball becomes dead, the 40-second play clock will be started before the first play from scrimmage.

              It will be very important for all play clock operators to be very familiar with these changes.   In the past for these situations, the 25-second play clock would start on the signal by the Referee.  Under the new rules, there will be no signal from the Referee, because the play clock operator will start the 40-second clock just as on any other play in the game.

              Coordinators will need to make sure that play clock operators are trained for these new rules during the summer clinics.


Rogers Redding

National Coordinator of Football Officials

June 2018

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