APR 23


We have been in direct communication with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) this week and are able to provide you with this update. First, understand that this continues to be a very fluid situation with direction and instruction from the Federal Government changing almost daily. As a result, the TWC must adapt and revise daily also. The one thing that has become clear to me is the TWC is dedicated to providing our members, as well as every Texan every benefit possible from the CAES Act.

Unfortunately, it appears that those of you are still employed may not qualify for benefits …. BUT that should not stop you from applying. Next, remember that Texas unemployment laws were written for traditional W2 workers, this is the first time ever that unemployment benefits have been available for independent contractors (1099).

That said, most will receive and initial denial base on existing laws. If that happens to you, there is no need to appeal, the TWC will then reevaluate your claim to see if you are eligible for any CARES Act benefits.

As previous stated, do not list TASO as your employer, TASO is not your employer, the schools you officiate for are your employers. So, the correct response to that questions on the claim form is “self‑employed”.

Additional updates from the TWC will be provided as they become available.