OCT 16


The UIL State Executive Committee held their third and final
hearing on the incident when two San Antonio John Jay players struck a TASO
football official from behind during the game.

The SEC took the following actions:

  • Both players have been barred from all UIL activities for
    the 2015‑2016 school year.  One player is
    a senior, so this punishment will be through the remainder of his high school
    eligibility.  The other player is
    currently a sophomore.  He will remain
    ineligible for all UIL activities until he appears in person before the
    SEC.  At that time the SEC will consider
    additional punishment.
  • The assistant coach that allegedly instructed the players to
    hit the official has been suspended from coaching for the 2015‑2016 school
    year.  He had previously resigned, under
    pressure, from his position as a coach for the Northside ISD.
  • The John Jay head coach was given a public reprimand and two years probation.


TASO presented a summary of our investigation concerning the
alleged racial slurs by our member.
After a thorough investigation of more than 20 personal interviews, a
video review and other pertinent documents, we found absolutely no evidence to
support the allegations.  As the SEC has
no jurisdiction over officials, this issue was referred to the UIL Sports
Officials Committee.  TASO will again
represent our member at the SOC meeting to present our findings.

For a copy of the testimony presented to the SEC, click on
the document link below.