MAR 27

TASO Volleyball Clinician Applications

The TASO Volleyball Division is searching for
additional clinicians. Applicants should:

a. have at least 10 years of experience with NFHS

b. should be a ‘Certified’ official;

c. should have expertise in knowledge of rules and
their application;

d. should understand the rules and the intent of the

e. should have held a chapter officer position.
This does not necessarily mean being a board member.  It can include
trainer, chapter rules interpreter or other titles that are not necessarily on
a chapter’s board.  It is required that the office be a real, functioning
office that brings value to the chapter;

f. excellent communication and presentation skills are

g. should be supportive of the current clinicians and
their vision;

h. should be able to speak to large groups and handle
random questions on the fly;

i. should be able to follow prepared presentations;

j. should be available during state meeting and clinic
time (Approximately July 12‑Aug 10).

Instructions for submitting the application are found
on the application.

If you are interested in becoming a Volleyball
clinician, the application may be downloaded below.


send any questions to