NOV 17


The two elections for TASO Volleyball District Director positions have now completed with Kathy Mills winning the District VIII and Mark Krone being elected as the District XII Director.

The 2020 TASO Volleyball Board of Directors will be:

President: Sandra Welch   District VIII Director Kathy Mills
Vice President: Gerald Johnson   District IX Director: Anne Myers
IPP: Shelley Witte   District X Director: Clint Nanny
District I Director: Matt Driskill   District XI Director: Jack Zaldivar
District II Director: Bruno Tomesch   District XII: Director: Mark Krone
District III Director: Dan Bristow   District XIII Director: Roni Downey
District IV Director: Karen Mitchell   Executive Director: Michael Fitch
District V Director: Robert Cantu   *Ex‑Officio Gloria Cox
District VI Director: Mario Reyna   *Ad‑Hoc Malissa Williams
District VII Director: David Harris   *NON‑VOTING  

The 2021 Board takes office on December 1, 2020.