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AUG 09

When is it Time to Retire from Officiating?

It was a nine‑point semifinal game in the sectional round of the state tournament. The teams were playing on a neutral court before a nearly packed house. The winner would come back the next night to play the host school for the sectional championship.
With 1:13 on the clock, the designated home team – the trailing team in this game – took a full timeout. Until this point, it had been a rather routine game, but everything changed in that moment.
The host school public‑address announcer asked the crowd to direct its attention to the north end of the gym to the official standing there. He told the crowd this was the official’s last game after 40 years of service to high school sports. The crowd responded with polite applause, and a few even stood. Coaches and players also paused to acknowledge the official. A couple of the assistants even waved in recognition. His two partners moved toward the recognized official for a handshake and pat on the back. [Read More]