1. Beads woven into a player’s hair

A. Inform the coach that the player must remove the beads before playing.

B. If the beads cannot easily be removed, the player must secure the hair in a way that will not pose a risk to the athlete or her teammates and then she can play.

C. The official shall submit an incident report.

  1. Multiple logos on the waistband of the spandex

A. Inform the coach that the spandex is illegal and the player should change into legal spandex.  If no change is possible, the logo should be covered with the jersey.

B. Play the match with no penalty, even if the logo is seen occasionally.

C. If the entire team is wearing illegal spandex and cannot change, the waistband can be covered by the jersey without penalty.

D. If covering the logo is not possible, allow the team to play and submit an incident report.

(The modification of this rule has been due to a supply chain shortage of permissible spandex in some areas of the state.)