JUL 01


During the recently concluded 87th Texas Legislative session (regular session), the TASO legislative team was active in the passing of HB 2721 which addresses an assault of a sports official.  The new law states:

“A student who is enrolled in a school district in this state or who participates in a University Interscholastic League competition shall be prohibited from participation in any future extracurricular activity sponsored or sanctioned by the school district or the University Interscholastic League if the state executive committee of the league determines that the student intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to a person serving as referee, judge, or other official of an extracurricular activity in retaliation for or as a result of the person’s actions taken in performing the duties of a referee, judge, or other official of the extracurricular activity.”

The student may request a hearing with the UIL State Executive Committee to be reinstated if:

  • If the student was in the eighth grade, or below after 1 year from the date of the assault.
  • If the student was in the ninth grade or above, after 2 years from the date of the assault.


  • Completed a course in Anger Management.
  • Completed any other course, activity or actions required by the school district.
  • Demonstrates to the satisfaction of the school district and the UIL that the student has been rehabilitated and is unlikely to again engage in an assault.

TASO is grateful for Representative Eddie Lucio III for introducing HB 2721 and Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr for bringing the bill to the Senate.

This law is effective for the 2021‑2022 school year.