What We Do

TASO is an independent organization, providing support, resources and training for Texas high school sports officials. With more than 150 local chapters serving 14,500+ members throughout the state, we are one of the largest professional organizations for sports officials in the country.

TASO works closely with The University Interscholastic League (UIL), the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), the Texas High School Coaches Association, other Coaches Associations, The Texas High School Athletic Directors Association and many other organizations to ensure fair, challenging and safe athletic competition for Texas high school student athletes.


TASO creates and distribute training materials for our members to assist them in continually improving their officiating skills and knowledge of the rules.  TASO organizes and conducts state‑wide meetings to review new rule changes with breakout sessions focused on specific areas of officiating skills.  TASO provides regional clinics to provide educational resources for those members unable to attend the state‑wide meeting.  TASO provides training material and other education resources for training at the local chapter level.

Each TASO member must pass an annual rules and mechanics exam before officiating a game or match.


Officials are many times targeted for negative publicity and unfair treatment.  TASO works to dispel negative conations and provide an accurate portrayal of our members has contributing members of society who are also dedicated to the sports we love and provide assurance of equal and fair competition in the games and matches we officiate.  TASO works to improve the game fees, travel reimbursement and working conditions for our members.

TASO also promotes and distributes information about the hundreds of thousands that our members provide through scholarships and other services.

TASO also works with state law makers to promote legislation that is “official friendly”.


A main focus of TASO is to protect our members for law suits arising from their work as a sports official.  Each TASO member is covered by general liability and accident insurance (see the insurance section for details).  Additionally TASO provides each local chapter directors and officers liability insurance.

TASO provides free legal advice for any member who may be assaulted during the course of an officiating assignment.


TASO created the OFFICIALS’ TIME OUT, a weekly newsletter that provides TASO news and information plus officiating related news from across the country and Texas high school athletic news.