FEB 12


Some chapters have received a notice from NFHS that states the following:


“The grey Louisville bats: FPLX150, FPLX158, FPLX159 and the white Louisville bats:FPXN150, FPXN158, FPXN159 do not meet the NFHS Softball Rules Book specification. These bats are listed on the ASA bat list, but may not be used by the NFHS members. The barrel is not smooth.”


I have been notified of the following:


NFHS Bob Gardner rescinded the letter, so the Louisville Slugger, Grey FPLX150, FPLX158, FPLX159 and White FPXN150, FPXN158, FPXN159 are all legal.


Please insure that all of your members are aware. (Sorry for the confusion.)


Joe Brown

TASO Softball Rules Interpreter