MAR 16

TASO Softball Division On-Line Clinic

The Softball Division On‑Line Clinic is now published and
ready to view.

Who needs to take the on‑line clinic?

A clinic is required to be eligible to be assigned or
selected to work a play‑off game.  This
is true even if you are requested b y a coach.
If you attended the Softball Annual Meeting this past January in Hurst
or attended one of the approved in‑person clinics, then you are eligible for
play‑off games and this clinic is not required.

If you did not attend either the Annual Meeting or an
approved in‑person clinic, then to become play‑off eligible, you must complete
the on‑line clinic.

For instructions on how to register click HERE

Please send any questions to


Board of Directors

TASO Softball Division