FEB 18


On January 31 and February 1, 2020, the TASO Volleyball Board met for the Off‑Season Board meeting in Dallas.   The Board was pleased to have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Susan Elza and Brandy Belk from University Interscholastic League via phone.  Lee Grisham from Texas Girls Coaches Association and Steve Prud’homme from the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools were also able to attend.   All three organizations spoke highly of the relationship that is shared with TASO and how thankful they are for the knowledge that our officials share. The Board wants to extend sincere appreciation for the members of these associations taking time to come and share information with us.

A site was set for the 2020 TASO State Volleyball Meeting. The meeting will be held at the Delta Marriott Hotel and Convention Center at Watters Creek in Allen on July 11.

The President’s/Secretary’s Meeting will take place on Friday, July 10, 2020.  Train the Trainer will run concurrently and will provide a round‑table discussion with training ideas being shared.  Each chapter is required to have a representative at the President’s/Secretary’s meeting as well as for the Train the Trainer’s Round‑table.

This year even numbered districts will have elections. You may declare your intent to run as early as August 1.  The deadline to declare is October 1, 2020. Please review requirements to hold office in the TASO‑Volleyball Operating Procedures, Section 6.2.  A Candidate’s profile is available on the TASO website under the Member’s Portal for those interested in running for office.

The Finance Committee presented the TASO Volleyball Financial Report to the Board. The Financial Report is unaudited at this time of the year, however, TASO Volleyball is solvent and the membership renewal/application combined with the Continuing Education Fee has been a very positive change for the Volleyball Division.

A few items in the current TASO Volleyball Operating Procedures and Addendums were discussed and those are being adjusted and placed on the TASO Volleyball Website under the Members Portal.

Changes include:  In the past, a member must be at least seventeen (17) years of age; that has been changed to sixteen (16) years of age.  Our pay sheet for this year reflects an increase of $5.00 per match.  We appreciate those who worked hard to facilitate this increase.  Our volleyball calendar has been included in the OPRs as an addendum and will also be made available on the website for easy access.  A few changes were made to the uniform policy in the ‘notes’ section.

The form and criteria to request an On‑Site Evaluation of a Chapter’s officials by a current clinician have been revised.  TASO‑Volleyball will assist in supporting five (5) chapters by providing matching funds for up to one‑half the expense of the evaluation not to exceed $500 per chapter.   Information will be available in the Secretary Portal.  Due date for requests is April 1.

The Awards Committee presented the upcoming special awards to the Board for approval. Gift baskets were also discussed and a limit of $150 was set for each basket from each District. Matt Driskill has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Awards Committee.  Instructions will be sent to chapters on submission of Years of Service Awards.  They are due by April 3.

The Rules Committee discussed the format for the State Meeting. We will have morning break‑outs sessions to include both a group session for new officials and a group session for veteran officials as well as other informative sessions.  The afternoon will be filled with NFHS new rule interpretations, awards and possibly a guest speaker.

The 2020‑2021 Volleyball Rule Changes have been released and are available on the website.  Gloria Cox will present those changes at the Volleyball State meeting. Make sure that you look over them prior to attendance at the meeting or the Regional Clinics.

Speaking of Regional Clinics – The Regional Clinics will span two weekends.  There will be six clinics.  The times and locations will be announced later. Look for them on the website.

  • July 18:  Lubbock and Houston
  • July 19:  Overton and McAllen
  • July 25:  Abilene
  • July 26:  San Antonio

We expect the On‑Line Clinic to be available on July 20.   The test will be available on Monday following the State Meeting.

All in all, it was a great meeting for the Board of Directors. We accomplished many things to prepare for our service to our members. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

TASO Volleyball Board of Directors