JAN 28


When any game assignment arrives, all sorts of questions usually race through an official’s mind. Who’s playing and where is it being played are immediate, but don’t really matter to a good official, we go where we’re asked. Then comes the one question that does matter to officials: who am I working with? The answer can either cause a sigh of relief or a host of anxieties. It’s best to take a deep breath and remember two key words: crew harmony.

Those two words speak volumes for you as an official as you strive to be successful every game, season after season. It’s no different than the harmony that’s essential in a marriage, a family unit, a work environment or a social organization. No man or woman is an island. No official can be one, either. Officiating is a people business and people must be in harmony to achieve common goals.

A crew is only as good as the crew itself. If one crewmember doesn’t perform as well as his or her crewmates, the game will be evaluated as not being officiated well. Crew members must be on the same page in order for the crew, and thus each individual, to be successful.

o how do you do it, especially on nights when it seems your crew is not in the same book, let alone on the same page?

Mutual respect as officials and more importantly, as human beings, is the first necessary ingredient. Support, communication and humor are other keys.

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