APR 20



TO: TASO Baseball and Softball Members



TASO and the UIL, have collaborated to respond to concerns related to illegal bats being used during UIL games. Specifically, concerns have been submitted about the use of bats that have been altered from their original design and production. Typically, these types of bats are considered to be rolled or shaved bats. NFHS playing rules dictate what bats are legal for game use.


Working with elected state legislators, with focused conversations with Representative Oscar Longoria, the UIL and TASO have developed a plan for addressing these concerns for immediate implementation for regular and post‑season play. Additionally, the UIL will implement new procedures for inspecting bats during the softball and baseball state tournaments.  More information about the inspection procedures will be sent to qualifying schools and TASO prior to the state tournaments.


Using illegal bats creates a safety concern for the students involved in these games. As such, TASO Baseball and Softball umpires will continue to make this a point of emphasis for the remainder of the season. TASO Baseball and Softball umpires must submit a UIL Incident Report for each infraction involving the use of an illegal bat. 


Allowing students to use illegal bats is considered to be a violation of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules and the TASO Code of Conduct. Information collected from the incident reports submitted by umpires related to this rule may require review by a local UIL District Executive Committee and/or the UIL State Executive Committee for potential sanctions against the coach and/or school involved.  It will be considered a Rules Misapplication and a violation of the TASO Code of Conduct if a TASO member fails to submit an Incident Report concerning illegal bats. Please be diligent in ensuring that players are only using bats allowed within the NFHS playing rules.


If you have any questions, please e‑mail them to me.  I hope your season is progressing well, be safe out there.







Michael Fitch

Executive Director