NOV 21


As I’m sure you are aware, many Texas School Districts are choosing ArbiterPay Texas as the method of compensating officials for game/match fees and travel reimbursement.  The school may choose to compensate officials however they wish.  As an example, many schools have switched to direct deposit instead of issuing checks.

Below is a document that lists the school districts that have enrolled in ArbiterPay and those that are in the process.  If you work at one of these schools, you will need to sign‑up with ArbiterPay.  Your chapter should have more information on that process, or you can contact ArbiterPay Texas at 512‑494‑6267 or  Please do not contact the TASO office with your questions; the TASO staff cannot answer questions regarding ArbiterPay.

This document will be updated as we receive new lists from ArbiterPay Texas.