JAN 24


A huge non‑district matchup between Sharyland Pioneer and McAllen Rowe has both teams heated. In the middle of it all is South Texas TASO Official Eddie Duran.

“I’ve been officiating with the RGV TASO Chapter for over 28 years,” Duran said. “I officiate from middle school games to men’s league to any type of level and I love it.”

Faced with heated coaches, screaming fans and fast‑paced mayhem, Duran must really love the game, but many don’t share the same passion.

“In some games, a lot of officials get discouraged because it’s a very personal game,” Duran said. “You have to have what we call ‘thick skin’ in the business.”

Over 84 percent of officials cited spectators as treating them unfairly, according to a 2019 National Association of Sports Officials survey. Over 70 percent reported coaches as a major contender.

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