SEP 26


The following message was send to Michael Fitch and Bud Alexander.  TASO is appreciative of the relationship and support from TAPPS.




While each week is different for sure, this year has
taken on a new perspective in light of situations which have occurred in Texas
this year.


Our organization firmly supports TASO and sports
officials today as we have in the past.


That being said, please reaffirm to your membership
that they have our support as they control contests each week.


Coaches are bound by rules of conduct as are the


Officials have our support should incident arise which
require action for coach or player behavior.


If conduct deserves a penalty, or ejection, by rule
then a penalty should be issued.


Our schools are required to have a game administrator
who is not coaching in the contest whose duty is mainly to assist the
officials, I hope crews avail themselves to these folks as needed.


I am troubled by recent events, but please accept our
commitment to excellence on and off the field of play.


Thank you for your leadership and your association’s
commitment to all students across this great state of Texas.




Bryan Bunselmeyer

Executive Director