APR 04


The Texas Association of Sports Officials prides its self in being one of the most diverse organizations anywhere, whether one considers gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, or socio‑economic status.

One or more TASO members have made racially insensitive comments and/or “jokes” in the company of other members or on social media.   These few members do not represent the values of TASO.

Members who make racially insensitive remarks reflect badly on TASO and the vast majority of TASO members find those remarks repugnant.  TASO has and will take disciplinary action against any member displaying any racial prejudice by words or deeds.  TASO will discipline any member though they claim they made the inappropriate remarks in jest.

In one situation, a former member, already removed from TASO membership for violating TASO\’s rules, secretly recorded some members making racially repugnant remarks. He wanted to force TASO to reinstate his membership.  The former member threatened to make the recordings public if TASO did not comply with his demand for reinstatement. TASO classifies the former member\’s actions as unethical and unprofessional. Further, TASO will pursue sanctions against any member who attempts to avoid their disciplinary action by unethical and unprofessional behavior.

TASO will address all racially insensitive comments or actions by any member in the strongest possible terms.

Michael Fitch
Executive Director
Texas Association of Sports Officials