OCT 21


On Monday, October 19, 2015, the UIL Legislative Council gave final approval for a game fee increase effective for the 2016‑2017 school year. As a summary, the increase equates to about a $10 across the board increase for all sports, but Basketball received a $15 increase for varsity games.  Basketball also now has a much needed game fee breakdown based on the length of quarters for junior high games.  The fees chapters receive for scrimmages were also increased.

Is it enough?  No, but it is a 15% – 27% increase and TASO will continue to work closely with the UIL staff on future game fee increases.

As I have previously reported to you, the UIL Sports Officials Committee (SOC) recommended a new travel allowance based on the current Metro Plan where every official is paid a travel allowance based on the distance the game/match site is from the chapter center point.  The “rings” that are currently 30 and 40 miles would extend out to 150 miles (Non Metro pay beyond that).  After the new plan was announced there was some opposition from schools and officials alike.  After discussion, the Legislative Council determined that travel allowance for officials needed much more research, so no action was taken.

The TASO Division Boards will be discussing this very soon and we will solicit member input, so expect more communication on this subject.

Click on the document below for details of the game fee increases.