Game Administrator Information

To All TASO Officials in all Sports:

Regardless of what you may have heard at State Meetings or elsewhere, the TASO policy regarding Game Administrators is the stated UIL policy. This policy is found in the UIL C&CR, page 164 and is as follows:

“Section 1208 (h) GAME ADMINISTRATOR. In all UIL varsity athletic team contests, a game administrator shall be appointed by the home school. That person must be a coach (other than the game coach), teacher, or administrator. It is recommended that a game administrator be designated by the home school for all non‑varsity athletic team contests.”

 If you get to a varsity game and there is no designated game administrator, WORK THE GAME and then report the lack of an administrator to your chapter.  

As you can see by the 1208 section cited above, sub‑varsity contests may or may not have an administrator.  An official, as an independent contractor, may choose not to accept an assignment to a contest where that official is aware that there will be no administrator. That is the individual officials’ choice and will not be made by the chapter. If you accept the assignment, WORK THE GAME.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the TASO office — 866‑283‑8276. Mike Fitch, TASO Executive Director