Incident Reporting is a very important function of officiating Texas high school and junior/middle
school games and matches. The points discussed here apply to all TASO Sports

Why file an Incident Report? Both the
UIL and TAPPS require Incident Reports to be filed. Failing to do so in a
timely manner undermines their efforts to monitor the conduct of their member
schools, coaches, players and spectators.

When should an Incident Report be filed?
Any time a coach or player is ejected from a contest, an Incident report must
be filed within 24 hours of the contest. However, there are many other
incidents that may occur that would necessitate an Incident Report to be filed.
These would include unruly spectator behavior, unsafe playing conditions,
serious player injury, slow or no payment for a game or match and many others.
A good rule of thumb is that any incident that disrupts the normal flow of a
game or match should be reported. If a coach is ejected, it is always a good
idea for the entire crew to file a report.

How do you file an Incident Report?
To complete an Incident Report, look at the top of the page and you will find a
tab labeled “Incident Reporting” after clicking that tab, there are two links,
one for Private School contests and one for UIL contests. The UIL link will
take you to their website where the report will be completed. TASO gets a copy
of the reports for both UIL and TAPPS contests.

Please send any questions to the State office