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JUL 06


The 2023‑2024 school year will mark the second year for the TASO ABUSE of OFFICIALS POLICY.  After reviewing Incident Reports from 2022‑2023, the TASO All‑Sports Board of Directors was very concerned with the number of incidents of excessive verbal abuse that occurred from school personnel and others associated with the school including other coaches, not involved in the game/match, game administrators, athletic directors, superintendents, and school board members.

To address this concern, the TASO All‑Sport Board voted to revise the 2023‑2024 ABUSE of OFFICIALS POLICY by adding Section 1 B to hold school administrators and others affiliated with the school even more accountable for their actions.

The revised policy may be reviewed and downloaded by clicking the link in the upper right of this page.  Send any questions to Michael Fitch,