AUG 10


To become eligible for a varsity assignment, TASO Football Operating Procedures state that each member must obtain a Continuing Education credit.  Credit may be achieved by completing any one of:

  1. Attendance Credit at the Annual Meeting
  2. Attendance Credit a TASO Football approved Regional Rules Clinic
  3. Viewing credit of the on‑line clinic modules.

If you did not receive credit for the Annual Meeting or a Regional Rules Clinic, then you must complete the on‑line clinic.

The Online Clinic has been posted inside the members portal. You can see this under “Video Clinics‑Required Training”. There are 3 Groups:

Group A:  Renewing Members who DID NOT attend either a Rules Clinic or the Football Annual Meeting. The total cost for the online clinic is $83.24.

Group B: Members who registered to attend the Annual Meeting but did receive credit will be credited the cost of the online clinic, leaving a balance of $28.97.

Group C: New Members and those members who received credit for the Football Annual Meeting can view the online clinic for no charge.

To see your Continuing Education status, log into your Football Member’s Portal

If you have any questions, please send to

TASO Football Board of Directors