JUN 20


RefQuest Plus (RQ+), the new NCAA officiating services provider, and College Football Officiating (CFO) have collaborated to offer TASO Football members a deeply discounted registration of $40 for the 2023 season. Access to the CFO central hub includes searchable rules book and case book, video content, tests and quizzes, and various updates throughout the season.

“Texas High School football is played at the highest level, and we as officials need to be at our best.  To improve as an official, access to the “CFO” site is being made available through TASO at a deeply discounted rate”, stated Steve Shaw, CFO National Coordinator of Football Officials and Secretary‑Rules Editor, NCAA Football Rules Committee. “The “CFO” site delivers learning and developmental opportunities offered through current training videos, quizzes, and pertinent updates to the game.  It is important the role we play as officials in the game, and we need to do everything possible to deliver excellence.  I hope you take advantage of the offer and become a “CFO” member.”

This information represents everything an official will need to improve the great game of football we all love’.

For a quick overview of the features, more information and registration instructions , click on the link in the upper right.