JUN 09

Football Play Clock Training for School Clock Operators

Starting with the 2014 Football season, Texas High School
Football will implement the 40/25‑second play clock for all levels of play, 7th
grade to varsity.  TASO Football will be
including extensive training in their Annual Meeting, Regional Clinics and
chapter meetings to prepare our members for this major change.

The TASO Football Board of Directors recognizes the need to
also provide training to the schools clock operators. To accomplish this TASO Football has created
a training video specifically focused on the non‑TASO member clock
operators.  This training video is
available to all play clock operators at public and private schools.

As you begin the training video, a “Guest
Book” will pop up.Completing the Guest
Book is optional, but it will allow us to track the effectiveness of the
training video.

Please send any questions to football@taso.org.

To view the video, click HERE.