SEP 02

Hungarians love American football

by Clark Rodgers, TASO Football and Baseball member

For the second
year in a row I have been privileged to have an opportunity to take my referee
and coaching skills to the country of Hungary in a small town called Toalmas
that is about an hour south of Budapest to teach American Football. This group
consisted of 30 young men, ages 12 to 19 at a Word of Life youth camp that
signed up for a week of two‑a‑day practices to learn the fundamentals of 7‑man
flag football. These youth come from all walks of life, some from orphanages, but
they all have a great desire to learn this American game. It would not be
complete without some NFL gear to top it off and the Dallas Cowboys
organization donated hats and shirts as to make sure that they remember this
well beyond the camp. After a full week of training during the last day we cap
it off by having a championship game for the rest of the camp, which included a
TASO Football Dallas Chapter referee in full uniform to make it official.