OCT 28


Roger “Pappy” Hopkins, who passed away September 19, 2017,
was honored in a pregame ceremony at the October 27, 2017 Vernon Lion football
ball game.  Pappy was a well‑respected three
sport official in the North Texas area for many years.


Before the game, Pappy’s family was honored, followed by his
son Miles conducting the coin toss and then blowing the game opening whistle.  It was a special night for Pappy’s football
crew who were assigned the game.  In an
unexpected spontaneous gesture, both the Vernon Lions and the Bridgeport Bulls
teams left the sidelines to greet the family at midfield.


The picture to the left shows Miles as he conducts the coin
toss.  Other pictures show the Hopkins
family with TASO Football North Texas Chapter Assigner Jason Hickey and the shadowbox
framed commemorative penalty marker.