DEC 13

TASO Football meets goal to donate wheel-chair accessible van

This will be the final report on our Provide a Ride initiative to raise enough money to donate a wheel chair accessible vehicle to Gridiron Heroes for a student athlete.


Bottom line, we will be donating a vehicle next Saturday at AT&T Stadium at 10am. We didn’t reach this milestone in exactly to way we intended, but the result is what we wanted.


When we started this last February, the Gridiron Heroes Foundations had been paying up to $70,000 for a van, depending on the needs of the family.  That was our goal, but we didn’t come close.


Just before Thanksgiving, Ty Beck from Alamo Mobility notified Gridiron Heroes that they negotiated a national contract where Gridiron Heroes would receive a significant discount on future purchases.  As a result, the money we raised plus a few corporate donations pushed us over the goal line.


Last Friday, we sent Gridiron Heroes a check for $46,035.85 to complete our commitment.  Now it’s time to celebrate our efforts.  Let’s all gather Saturday at 10am as Gridiron Heroes presents the family of Corey Borner, from DeSoto High School, a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  To make Saturday even more memorable, later that day, the DeSoto Eagles will be playing for a State Championship.


The presentation will occur outside the West Plaza near the fire gates in the top red circles on the map (attached). The parking lots will open at 9:30am on Saturday and the presentation will occur at 10:00am. Since the parking lots will be open to the general public at 9:30am, parking will be $10.


I hope you can join us on Saturday morning.


I have now been notified by the UIL that a TASO membership card will not automatically grant you admission to the games this year.MIke